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How much does a web page?

El presupuesto varia siempre dependiendo de los contenidos y apartados a realizar, y es acorde a el número de horas que se necesiten para realizar la web.

How do you calculate the cost of a web page?

There are many ways of calculating your budget, but there are basically two models

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Model 1


This type of collection is most widely used in spot requests; for example, for the overall maintenance of a web site or corrections bugs (errors).

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Model 2

By project

Usually applied to project the most complete, which will be produced from scratch. As, for example, the development of an application

Optimize the presence of your website in the search engines

Positioning SEO

We have extensive experience in SEO, posicionaremos your website to your liking-based keywords

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Empower your growth

And your company

Logos, banners...

Graphic Design

We also do logos, banners, brochures and other graphics if necessary, based on the modleo of project you want to carry out.

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